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Franklin Templeton

Franklin Resources, Inc., is a global investment management organisation, operating as Franklin Templeton, which is headquartered in California. Franklin Resources, Inc., provides, through its subsidiaries, deep investment expertise across all asset classes - including equity, fixed income, and multi-asset solutions. Franklin Resources, Inc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has employees in over 34 countries.

From large institutions to individual investors, each of our clients wants the same thing. To achieve their financial goals. And for more than 70 years, we’ve helped them do exactly that. Everything we do at Franklin Templeton is focused on delivering our clients better outcomes. And that’s why clients in more than 155 countries have entrusted us with their investments, making us one of the world’s largest asset managers with over USD $1.9 trillion* in assets under management.

Franklin Templeton provides centralised business and distribution support for all of its Specialist Investment Managers, which includes world- renowned investment managers such as Brandywine Global, Clarion Partners, Martin Currie, Clearbridge, Royce Investment Partners and Western Asset. These Specialised Investment Managers operate independently under their own investment process and each is considered an industry expert in their asset class.

Everything we do is focused on one thing – delivering better client outcomes.

*As of 30/9/22. Assets under management represent combined assets of Franklin Templeton and subsidiary investment management groups.

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Latest sponsor articles

Will the RBA cut rates before the Fed?

Market consensus is that the US Federal Reserve will cut interest rates well ahead of the RBA. The latest data has cast doubt on this, raising the prospect of an earlier RBA cut to prop up a faltering economy.

Podcast: US recession risks and a simple wealth-creating strategy

Brandywine Global's Richard Rauch warns of US and global recession risks, Vanguard's Duncan Burns on building a simple, effective investment portfolio, and Peter Warnes on the Australian market outlook for 2024.

A new income scorecard for the ASX 200

ASX reporting season focuses on how earnings compare to forecasts, yet there's little mention of how dividends perform versus expectations. A new scorecard aims to rectify this to help income-focused portfolios.

A world out of sync with inflation

What went up in 2020-21—cryptocurrency, commodities, real estate, and economic growth —has retreated in perfect sequence starting late 2021 and early 2022. Now it is inflation’s turn, though don't tell the Fed that.

Three companies using technology to become global powerhouses

By using data and technology, some companies are developing solutions to enhance their customers business and in the process expanding their own competitive advantages. Here are three industry leaders doing just that.

Franklin Templeton CEO on valuations and advice commissions

Payment of product commissions to financial advisers is banned in Australia, but the global Franklin Templeton CEO says it prevents some people from accessing needed advice. She also speaks about revaluing private assets. 

The bright outlook for Australian fixed income

The Australian fixed income landscape has changed with conditions now likely to provide many of the defensive attributes that investors have traditionally expected. Asset allocations should be reviewed to reflect this.

Can the battling Aussie dollar find a friend?

The Aussie dollar hit 80 US cents in late 2020 but has generally been in the 65-70 cents range for the last year. The exchange rate has a major impact on returns from unhedged offshore investments, so what's the outlook?

Brace, brace, brace: The real issue behind the banking turmoil

The key issue that lies behind the banking turmoil is the constriction of credit supply that central banks are inducing amidst their assault on inflation. The withdrawal of liquidity finds out weaknesses in the system.

Sponsor White Papers

The state of investment and wealth management in 2023-2024

Reflections from Franklin Templeton’s latest Industry Advisory Services Annual Survey, which aims to help investors understand how the wealth and investment management industry is changing and better prepare them for the future.

Global Investment Outlook: Flexibility, resilience and opportunity

Trees are an appropriate metaphor for investing. When nurtured, they grow gradually but inexorably. Upon maturity they yield their bounty—shade, nuts and sweet fruit. Yet some trees withstand adversity better than others.

Energy transition: Accelerating investment opportunities

Arguably, humanity’s greatest current challenge is the need to shift to low and net-zero carbon in a little less than 30 years. These challenges create investment opportunities as investors have a critical role given the capital required to fund this transition.

Fixed Income Views: Soft landing? Central banks trying to thread the needle

Franklin Templeton's Fixed Income team no longer expects a technical recession in the US and believes the trajectory of disinflation in both the US and euro area will flatten. Thus, central banks are likely to keep rates higher for longer.

Macro Perspectives: A changing inflation and growth climate

Although inflation will continue to be an issue for the next 6–12 months and the global economic recovery is uneven, there are investment opportunities ahead.

Mid-year 2023 global outlook: Time to engage more fully

For this mid-year outlook, the theme continues to be the attractiveness of investments beyond cash including fixed income, equities and alternatives.

Green steel

The steel industry is one of the largest contributors to global carbon emissions. The main challenge in producing green steel is cost. This report focuses on the process to produce green steel, breaking down the costs and technology used.

Add banking stress to rising rates and recession may be baked in

The Fed appears to be staying the course on its rate-hiking path, putting banks and other interest-rate sensitive sectors under further strain. These rate hikes plus recent bank failures suggest recession is likely baked into the mix.

Testing infrastructure’s resilience amid heightened uncertainties

ClearBridge Investments, part of Franklin Templeton, has tested the short- and long-term return profiles of infrastructure against a backdrop of changing macroeconomic factors, examining infrastructure’s strength in different inflation, GDP growth and bond yield scenarios.

Global investment outlook: this isn’t 2008

Today’s banking ‘crisis’ is far less severe than 2008, and it’s not systemic. Indeed, the quality of overall bank assets and capital ratios are dramatically better. Central banks are now coordinating globally to offer banks daily access to the capital they need to operate smoothly.

Reporting season wrap: Looking over the edge

As we stand on the edge of a mortgage rate cliff and a potential Australian recession, how did these important market developments impact the shape of company results in Australia’s February 2023 company reporting season?

Fixed Income's 2022 ESG engagement report

This report shares details and results of the Franklin Templeton Fixed Income team's engagement with bond issuers during the calendar year of 2022 to better understand each other’s interests, ambitions, and risks.

Innovation Insights Quarterly Q1 Jan 2023

In their latest Innovation insights, Franklin Equity Group examines five advancements they found interesting this quarter from renewables accessing deeper waters to artificial intelligence in the digital realm.

Disruptive Technology Views: Web3

This edition of Disruptive Technology Views explores the megatrend “expanding power of the crowd”; explains Web3 “tokenomic” supply; and introduces “QuantaVenture” capital, a new approach to venture capital.

Inflation now versus 1960s-1970s experience

US inflation today is the worst since that of the late-1960s and 1970s, but the current experience differs from that previous period in important respects, including economic growth, wages, and price disparities.

Most viewed in recent weeks

11 ASX dividend stocks for the next decade

What are the best stocks to own that can pay regular dividends and beat indices on a total return basis in the long-term? Here is our list of 11 ASX-listed companies that could help investors achieve these goals.

2024/25 super thresholds – key changes and implications

The ATO has released all the superannuation rates and thresholds that will apply from 1 July 2024. Here's what’s changing and what’s not, and some key considerations and opportunities in the lead up to 30 June and beyond.

Time to smash the retirement nest egg - but how?

For decades, governments told people to save for retirement, then hold onto their nest eggs. Now, they're concerned that retirees aren't spending enough. How can we encourage reasonable spending patterns in retirement?

The greatest investor you’ve never heard of

Jim Simons has achieved breathtaking returns of 62% p.a. over 33 years, a track record like no other, yet he remains little known to the public. Here’s how he’s done it, and the lessons that can be applied to our own investing.

Five months on from cancer diagnosis

Life has radically shifted with my brain cancer, and I don’t know if it will ever be the same again. After decades of writing and a dozen years with Firstlinks, I still want to contribute, but exactly how and when I do that is unclear.

Welcome to Firstlinks Edition 552 with weekend update

Being rich is having a high-paying job and accumulating fancy houses and cars, while being wealthy is owning assets that provide passive income, as well as freedom and flexibility. Knowing the difference can reframe your life.

  • 21 March 2024



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