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Redefining the office flight to quality: a Sydney CBD case study

On face value, it’s easy to see why the 'Premium is best' narrative has emerged – but there’s more to the story! Greater diversity of spaces is needed to support focused work, collaboration, and flexibility, with implications for building layouts and landlord-led fitouts.

Quarterly ETF report September 2023

The Australian ETF industry continues to grow year on year despite global market and economic uncertainty, recording $153 billion in AUM as at the end of September 2023. The last 10 years has seen AUM increase almost 18-fold, growing from A$8.9 billion in September 2013.

Energy transition: Accelerating investment opportunities

Arguably, humanity’s greatest current challenge is the need to shift to low and net-zero carbon in a little less than 30 years. These challenges create investment opportunities as investors have a critical role given the capital required to fund this transition.

Asset Allocation Committee Outlook 4Q 2023

Higher for Longer, Longer the Stronger. “Savings depletion and weakness among small-cap and regional bank stocks suggest that the U.S. economy may not be as strong as it seems.”

AI is the New Macro: Implications for the Labor Market

Generative AI is destined to be the key driver of equity markets over the next decade or so. Part I of a four part series identifies four key areas that could be impacted – labor, productivity, sector concentration and free cash flow generation.

The ins and outs of SMSF pensions

Superannuation is ultimately about saving for retirement. But even once you retire, you don’t have to take all your money out of super. Often the best way to manage it in the long term, is to start a 'superannuation income stream' or 'pension' within your SMSF.

The 3 pillars of Active Management outperformance

Over recent decades, equity markets have favoured index / index-hugging funds, with indices benefitting from a range of tailwinds, including falling yields, favourable fiscal policies, and relatively stable geopolitics. But those days appear to be over with these factors now creating major headwinds for markets.

Magellan Minutes on AI and Energy

Summaries of two "Magellan Minutes" video insights: developments and opportunities in Artificial Intelligence (AI); and opportunities from the energy transition and companies that may benefit from this transition.

Fixed Income Investment Outlook 4Q 2023

Slowing growth could still be enough to avoid a hard landing, but in a higher-for-longer rate environment yields may provide the bulk of near-term total returns.

ViewPoint: A habit of higher

VanEck's latest outlook for global and Australian markets for the rest of the year concludes that inflation should rise, gold could glow, and puts liquidity and balance sheets in focus.

Fixed Income Views: Soft landing? Central banks trying to thread the needle

Franklin Templeton's Fixed Income team no longer expects a technical recession in the US and believes the trajectory of disinflation in both the US and euro area will flatten. Thus, central banks are likely to keep rates higher for longer.

Investors can assess nature now

Investors need well-functioning economies and societies to create stable markets. Given our economies are dependent on nature and we cannot get to net zero without nature, it is in investors’ interests to limit nature loss and protect the ecosystems.

Most viewed in recent weeks

Australians unprepared for $3.5 trillion wealth transfer

A new report suggests that Australians are ill prepared for the largest intergenerational wealth handover in history. It's estimated $3.5 trillion in assets will be transferred from Baby Boomers to their children by 2050.

Welcome to Firstlinks Edition 534 with weekend update

Many people in the Firstlinks community have been reading my articles and editorials for 10 years or more, and worked with me for decades before that, and deserve an explanation for why I have suddenly stopped writing each week.

  • 9 November 2023

18 rules for ageing well

The rules to age successfully include, 'the unexamined life lasts longer', 'change no more than one-eighth of your life at a time', 'nobody is thinking about you', and 'pursue virtue but don’t sweat it'.

Why the ASX 200 has gone nowhere in 16 years

The ASX 200 is around the same price that it was 16 years ago. The poor long-term performance can be largely blamed on our taxation system, which encourages companies to pay out most of their earnings as dividends.

The challenges of building a lazy portfolio

John Bogle famously advocated a two-fund portfolio of US stocks and bonds. Recently, I tried to create an Australian version of the Bogle portfolio and found that what seems simple can quickly turn complicated.

SAPTO and LITO, or do you really need an SMSF?

Money withdrawn from super after age 60 is tax-free but less understood are arrangements that allows a couple over the age of 67 to earn up to $57,948 per year outside super and pay no tax with LITO and SAPTO.



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