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Edition: White Papers 2023

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Regime shift: Characteristics and investment implications of the ‘Next’ economy

Multi-Asset Outlook 2024 - Investors are looking for good news in 2024. Schroder Australia’s Head of Multi-Asset Sebastian Mullins identifies the corners of the market where he’s found it in this two-part series.

The state of investment and wealth management in 2023-2024

Reflections from Franklin Templeton’s latest Industry Advisory Services Annual Survey, which aims to help investors understand how the wealth and investment management industry is changing and better prepare them for the future.

Global Investment Outlook: Flexibility, resilience and opportunity

Trees are an appropriate metaphor for investing. When nurtured, they grow gradually but inexorably. Upon maturity they yield their bounty—shade, nuts and sweet fruit. Yet some trees withstand adversity better than others.

Redefining the office flight to quality: a Sydney CBD case study

On face value, it’s easy to see why the 'Premium is best' narrative has emerged – but there’s more to the story! Greater diversity of spaces is needed to support focused work, collaboration, and flexibility, with implications for building layouts and landlord-led fitouts.

Economic outlook: A mixed picture for global growth in 2024

Under the weight of elevated inflation and high interest rates, the world’s major economies are diverging. Surprising resilience in the US, Japan and India is helping to boost the global economic outlook for 2024, while ongoing signs of weakness in Europe and China are tempering expectations for the new year.

The Capital Reinvestment Story

What is the purpose of a firm? The generally accepted answer is something along the lines of “maximize the value of the business for its owners,” which in the case of a publicly traded company is the stockholders. But what does that answer really mean in practice?

AI is the New Macro Part II: An AI Powered Productivity Boom

Part II of our series examines productivity, which has been the primary determinant of our prosperity and welfare. In turn, since at least Gutenberg, technologies like AI have been the critical driver of productivity.

Quarterly ETF report September 2023

The Australian ETF industry continues to grow year on year despite global market and economic uncertainty, recording $153 billion in AUM as at the end of September 2023. The last 10 years has seen AUM increase almost 18-fold, growing from A$8.9 billion in September 2013.

Energy transition: Accelerating investment opportunities

Arguably, humanity’s greatest current challenge is the need to shift to low and net-zero carbon in a little less than 30 years. These challenges create investment opportunities as investors have a critical role given the capital required to fund this transition.

Asset Allocation Committee Outlook 4Q 2023

Higher for Longer, Longer the Stronger. “Savings depletion and weakness among small-cap and regional bank stocks suggest that the U.S. economy may not be as strong as it seems.”

AI is the New Macro: Implications for the Labor Market

Generative AI is destined to be the key driver of equity markets over the next decade or so. Part I of a four part series identifies four key areas that could be impacted – labor, productivity, sector concentration and free cash flow generation.

The ins and outs of SMSF pensions

Superannuation is ultimately about saving for retirement. But even once you retire, you don’t have to take all your money out of super. Often the best way to manage it in the long term, is to start a 'superannuation income stream' or 'pension' within your SMSF.

Most viewed in recent weeks

Where Baby Boomer wealth will end up

By 2028, all Baby Boomers will be eligible for retirement and the Baby Boomer bubble will have all but deflated. Where will this generation's money end up, and what are the implications for the wealth management industry?

Are term deposits attractive right now?

If you’re like me, you may have put money into term deposits over the past year and it’s time to decide whether to roll them over or look elsewhere. Here are the pros and cons of cash versus other assets right now.

Uncomfortable truths: The real cost of living in retirement

How useful are the retirement savings and spending targets put out by various groups such as ASFA? Not very, and it's reducing the ability of ordinary retirees to fully understand their retirement income options.

How retiree spending plummets as we age

There's been little debate on how spending changes as people progress through retirement. Yet, it's a critical issue as it can have a significant impact on the level of savings required at the point of retirement.

Meg on SMSFs: $3 million super tax coming whether we’re ready or not

A Senate Committee reported back last week with a majority recommendation to pass the $3 million super tax unaltered. It seems that the tax is coming, and this is what those affected should be doing now to prepare for it.

20 US stocks to buy and hold forever

Recently, I compiled a list of ASX stocks that you could buy and hold forever. Here’s a follow-up list of US stocks that you could own indefinitely, including well-known names like Microsoft, as well as lesser-known gems.



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