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Cromwell Funds Management

Cromwell Funds Management Limited (CFM) specialises in the creation, structuring, marketing and management of unlisted property-related investment opportunities. Since 2008, CFM has offered a total of nine unlisted funds and syndicates, overseen by an independent Board of Directors and with its own AFSL (333214).

Cromwell Funds Management Limited is part of the ASX-listed Cromwell Property Group (ASX:CMW). In addition to CFM’s funds management capabilities, it also utilises the in-depth property knowledge and experience of Cromwell Property Group to maximise the performance of its unlisted funds.

How we add value

For over 20 years, Cromwell has offered investors exposure to a range of high quality, commercial property investment and fund options. Cromwell aims to build investor wealth through the careful selection, acquisition and management of secure income-producing commercial properties and portfolios throughout Australia.

Unlike most other REITs, Cromwell’s property team actively manages all balance sheet and direct property assets, ensuring tenant-customer requirements are met, space is leased, buildings are operating efficiently and projects are delivered on time and on budget.

This approach creates a seamless link between investors, the assets and tenants and means we can focus on constantly improving tenant-customer satisfaction, leasing outcomes, property income returns and capital values.

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