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VanEck is one of the world’s largest exchange traded product issuers. In Australia we provide investors with:

  • Opportunities to asset classes often underrepresented in portfolios; or
  • Beyond-the-usual approaches to established investment categories.

Unlock opportunities with VanEck's investment strategies that are designed to give you unequalled access to markets, sectors and intelligent investment ideas. We seek to provide long-term, superior performance in all our offerings, giving investors a broad choice of strategies.

VanEck offers 30 ETFs on ASX.

New to ETFs? Download our Starter Kit and follow our easy step-by-step process to get started.

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Latest sponsor articles

Bond opportunities in a higher rate world

As investors navigate a potential recession and the possibility of higher interest rates for longer, the lure of fixed income is understandable. Here a primer to help investors decide which bonds may be best for them.

5 assets to protect you against a possible recession

Macroeconomic indicators suggest that the US is in the last stage of the economic cycle with a recession likely by the end of 2023. There are five assets that can help insulate your portfolio if a downturn takes place.

Why Aussie small caps are consistent underperformers

Australian small caps have consistently failed to achieve excess returns due to structural problems. Global small-caps don't have the the same issues and have been an effective way to outperform over the long term.

Why equal weighting resolves Australian index skews

The S&P/ASX 200 index is one of the most concentrated sharemarket indices in the world. Equal weighted indices can offer an alternative and have historically outperformed their market capitalisation counterparts.

What are the industrial, office or retail listed property picks?

Many Australian listed property trusts (A-REITs) have sold off due to higher interest rates and WFH, but in the sectors of retail, office and industrial, where do recent movements in stock prices now represent value?

Buying resource and consumer staple stocks

Australian shares are likely to outperform in 2023 helped by stronger economic growth and increased demand from China supporting commodity prices. Certain sectors could be set to sizzle while others may be left behind.

Firstlinks Interview Series - bonus eBook

A collection of interviews with financial markets experts on investing, superannuation, retirement and other topical issues, as published by Firstlinks over 2021 and 2022.

Are A-REITs set for a comeback?

A-REITs have been hit hard by this year’s sell off, underperforming the market by over 18%. The RBA prioritisation of growth over inflation could provide the catalyst for a turnaround in performance in 2023.

To hedge or not to hedge?

The decision whether to hedge your international equity portfolio can impact your investment over the short and medium term, but an analysis of the data shows that currency impact over the long term is negligible.

Sponsor White Papers

ViewPoint: A habit of higher

VanEck's latest outlook for global and Australian markets for the rest of the year concludes that inflation should rise, gold could glow, and puts liquidity and balance sheets in focus.

ViewPoint: Navigating landings

Market movements during the second quarter have been unpredictable and narrowly focused. The Fed’s fight against inflation still weighs on markets. A pivot in central bank policy may only happen if the order of magnitude changes significantly. This is true for both the Fed and the RBA.

The road to recovery (revisited)

Equal weight allocation outperforms market capitalisation indices because it consistently gives greater exposure to smaller stocks, which tend to outperform larger ones. VanEck has released its new findings capturing the recovery subsequent to the COVID-19 falls in this report.

Global small-caps: An overlooked opportunity

New research shows global small-caps, which are typically underrepresented in Australian investment portfolios, have outperformed international large- and mid-caps as well as Australian small-caps over the long term.

The great impasse

As long-term rate expectations fall while recessionary risks increase investors should focus on liquidity, strong balance sheets and cash flow, and avoid highly volatile and speculative assets according to VanEck’s latest quarterly economic outlook.

2023 Portfolio Compass: Australian Equities

Global markets were dragged down in 2022 by the trifactor of multi-decade high inflation, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and China’s COVID-zero policy. While almost every major asset class took a sizeable hit last year, Australian equities presented a different story.

The great paradigm shift

Many investors are set to feel the brunt of the great paradigm shift that reared its head last year, with central bank tightening likely to finally see significant impacts. However, pockets of opportunity abound.

In the Fed, we trust

Investors are deep in the inflation era. The question is, how deep? Are we up to our knees, our waist or our necks? And is the depth subsiding?

The Australian Concentration Conundrum

The Australian equities market is one of the most concentrated by stock and sector. The universe is also small relative to global markets. This paper shows that these nuances present challenges when assessing factor strategy efficacy.

The soft or hard landing calamity

Investors are already feeling the bear market blues, but it's wise to remember that bear markets are normal and tend to be short-lived. On the plus side, they present opportunities for those who know where to look.

We all make mistakes, we are human after all

The last quarter of 2021 has been a lesson that has demonstrated that market participants, like the 2005 Daft Punk album, are human after all.

The proper(ty) allocation

While most Australian investors have exposure to local property securities for their regular income and potential capital growth, it’s unlikely they’ve considered property beyond our shores.

Finding the pawns that will become Queens

A guide to international small companies investing.

Levelling up: the growth of esports and video gaming

An investor’s perspective on the disruptive impact and potential for continued growth of esports and video gaming.

Most viewed in recent weeks

Australians unprepared for $3.5 trillion wealth transfer

A new report suggests that Australians are ill prepared for the largest intergenerational wealth handover in history. It's estimated $3.5 trillion in assets will be transferred from Baby Boomers to their children by 2050.

Welcome to Firstlinks Edition 534 with weekend update

Many people in the Firstlinks community have been reading my articles and editorials for 10 years or more, and worked with me for decades before that, and deserve an explanation for why I have suddenly stopped writing each week.

  • 9 November 2023

18 rules for ageing well

The rules to age successfully include, 'the unexamined life lasts longer', 'change no more than one-eighth of your life at a time', 'nobody is thinking about you', and 'pursue virtue but don’t sweat it'.

Why the ASX 200 has gone nowhere in 16 years

The ASX 200 is around the same price that it was 16 years ago. The poor long-term performance can be largely blamed on our taxation system, which encourages companies to pay out most of their earnings as dividends.

The challenges of building a lazy portfolio

John Bogle famously advocated a two-fund portfolio of US stocks and bonds. Recently, I tried to create an Australian version of the Bogle portfolio and found that what seems simple can quickly turn complicated.

SAPTO and LITO, or do you really need an SMSF?

Money withdrawn from super after age 60 is tax-free but less understood are arrangements that allows a couple over the age of 67 to earn up to $57,948 per year outside super and pay no tax with LITO and SAPTO.



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