Vanguard’s roadmap to financial security

A framework for decision-making in retirement


Retirement is complex. In the face of often competing goals and numerous risks, the choices can be overwhelming, leaving many retirees unsure of where to begin. To help balance the many decisions to be made, we have constructed a retirement planning framework that allows retirees to capture their unique priorities and use their financial resources in a way that best aligns with achieving their goals and mitigating their risks.

For some retirees, a successful retirement may be defined as continued growth of their asset portfolio. For others, it may mean maintaining a specific level of monthly income. Our framework takes an even broader approach. We base it on the concept of “financial security”: the peace of mind that results when retirees feel confident that they will attain all of their financial goals and be able to continue doing so in the future. This framework gives every retiree the opportunity to develop a personalized roadmap toward financial security.

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