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Welcome to Firstlinks Special Edition 400

  •   25 March 2021
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Weekend market update: A strong day in the US on Friday with the S&P 500 up 1.7% and NASDAQ a healthy 1.2%. It capped the best week for the Australian market in the last seven, with the S&P/ASX200 up 0.5% on Friday and 1.7% for the week. The market ignored the rising coronavirus cases in Europe and the prospect of up to 150,000 people losing their jobs when JobKeeper ends today (Sunday), with all-systems-go on residential property prices. 


Since Firstlinks (initially Cuffelinks) started publishing in February 2013, we have brought you thousands of articles from hundreds of authors. Everything we have published is in a searchable archive on our website. We have focussed on education with product and stock mentions where it is important to show how to access an investment or illustrate a point.

When we started, veteran publisher Greg Bright thought we wouldn't last three months, such is the relentless nature of the industry, but the support of our readers, contributors and sponsors has helped us to 400 editions. Thanks to all, including Greg for the friendly banter.


Around 2,500 people retire in Australia every week, and 1.1 million Australians are trustees of their own SMSF, with millions more in large funds. Nurturing the $3 trillion Australians hold in superannuation and trillions more outside super is a lifelong learning process, as Andy Bird, CEO of multinational Pearson Publishing, said last week:

"A growing global middle class and longer careers are driving lifelong and non-academic learning, particularly reskilling and upskilling, a trend that has been accelerated over the past year. This all adds up to a huge momentum in our industry."

This 400th Edition of Firstlinks is different, with three highlights:

1. A special ebook with 45 responses to the question:

“What is the best opportunity for investors over the next few years?”

Thanks to all the market professionals who contributed.

2. An exclusive report by renowned demographer, Bernard Salt, on the number of people that are retiring soon and the profound impact on them and Australia.

3. A special offer for Morningstar Premium and Sharesight. I have personally used Sharesight to monitor and record my investments for many years. It's the place I go for my tax and transaction records and I now use Morningstar Premium to check analyst views on funds and share before I invest.


For this week only, we are not publishing our normal set of articles as the 400th Special lead already includes much to digest. We asked contributors to limit their investing ideas to about 200 words to give sharp, short bite-sized pieces. Lots of interesting insights, including from our regulars plus many who have not previously written for Firstlinks.

Read the 400th Special as an article on our website or download the ebook version. Please share with anyone who may benefit from a free subscription.

Bernard Salt's article discloses a demographer's view of retirement and the wave that will hit from 2021 to 2027. There will soon be over five million Australians over the age of 65, and while not all will be retired, most will be vocal and expecting to live healthy and active lives for many decades. It was not that way when their parents were 65.

And look out for the special deal. We don't usually make offers like this in Firstlinks, so I asked Morningstar (owner of this publication) for their best price to combine full access to Morningstar Premium with the portfolio management software of Sharesight. No messing around with a trial. Better to commit to improving your record keeping, looking at the features of Morningstar Premium and taking the time to learn how to use the Sharesight.

If you don't find it useful after a year, all it's cost you is $1 a day, and perhaps half that if you are eligible for a decent tax deduction.

Experience Morningstar Premium’s independent research, data and tools for $365 for your first year. To access this offer for Firstlinks readers, please email with the promo code DOLLARADAY and your full name. You will then be given instructions on a secure subscription.


Graham Hand, Managing Editor


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