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AMP Capital

Webinar: Company reporting season

A guide to the first reporting season of the decade

Thu, Feb 27, 2020 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM AEDT

Australian markets are off to a great start to 2020 with equities one of the best performing in the world. This February reporting season outlook has been complicated by a rocky start for retailers, the disruption of the Coronavirus and devastating bushfires which will all cause challenges and opportunities across a number of stocks and sectors.

This sets an interesting scene for the first reporting season of the year, as investors take an analytical eye to how companies performed in the first half of the financial year. So far, we expect markets to be forgiving to any temporary setbacks in profitability but giving a heavy focus on outlook statements, in search of promise for the six months ahead.

Join AMP Capital’s senior economist Diana Mousina, and Aussie equities co-portfolio manager Dermot Ryan, for an in-depth look under the bonnet of key economic and stockmarket performance.

Diana and Dermot will also touch on:

  • Projections for the period ahead
  • The role of franking credits
  • Hidden gems for Australian investors
  • Where to find attractive investment opportunities after such a large rally
  • Q&A

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