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Dear friends, colleagues and fellow rockers

Dear friends, colleagues, and fellow rockers

The quest for stable and inflation protected investment ideas grows as the era of market uncertainty ingrains itself for what looks to be a long and bumpy roller coaster ride. Such tumultuous and volatile market conditions, coupled with capital inadequacy, threatens to impact when baby boomers can retire, if and when they do, and how comfortably they can do so. Increasingly, the luxury and ability to retire at the age of 65 is looking more and more like a distant dream.

Pete Townshend may have once said never to trust anyone over 35, but today at 68 years himself, no doubt he's changed his tune. Actually, it's the rock and roll stars we baby boomers grew up on who are the best examples of working WELL beyond 65. The Rolling Stones, for one, are touring North America this northern hemisphere summer. Not bad given that Mick Jagger himself turns 70 in just one month's time. But for rock lovin' baby boomers wanting to retire in comfort, however, perhaps we're immunizing against the wrong CPI target.

No, am not referring to health care inflation, which is near twice the rate of CPI. Nor am I referring to food inflation, which here too dwarfs the official CPI levels. Rock and roll may never die, but the cost of seeing it is killing us.

Courtesy of a high school friend, who I've happened to share many a rock concert WAY back when with, I received a photo which speaks in volumes to the aforementioned. My friend sent me two ticket stubs: one of last night's Rolling Stones concert in Washington DC; and another of a Rolling Stones concert we both attended was back in 1981. Same rock band, same city, same venue, and very near same seats. Way back in 1981, to see the Rolling Stones would set you back a whole US$16.50. Today, to see these now septuagenarians rock on stage would set you back US$250! In 32 years, the price of a Rolling Stones ticket has risen by 15X! I tell you, baby boomers have no chance immunizing their retirement portfolios towards such luxuries.