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Chris Cuffe's Top 10: 5th Anniversary Edition in free ebook

Chris Cuffe's favourites from the first five years

Co-founder of Cuffelinks, Chris Cuffe, has selected his favourite 10 articles for a free ebook.

These articles are not necessarily the most popular or ground-breaking, but contributions which have stood the test of time and stuck in his mind. They have not been re-edited and should be read in the context of the date they were written.

  • Howard Marks on 'Risk and How To Handle It Today'   Howard Marks
  • Where did SMSFs come from, and where are they going?   Paul Keating
  • Why we can’t resist tactical asset allocation   Chris Cuffe
  • Hey, what have you got against late 60s babies?   Alex Denham
  • Investing against the herd: resisting emotion   Ashley Owen
  • What real estate agents don’t tell you   Graham Hand
  • The world by 2050   Warwick McKibbin
  • We need to talk about risk   Chris Cuffe
  • A journey through the life of a fixed rate bond   Warren Bird
  • Is there an Uber or Amazon of wealth management?   Graham Hand

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If you are looking for some more extensive reading, the Cuffelinks Showcases highlighting the articles from 2014, 2015 and 2016 are all linked here. Great contributions from Australia's leading investment experts.


Jonathan Hoyle
January 28, 2018

Many congratulations, Graham, on five years of blood, sweat and toil to produce a fabulous publication. Cuffelinks has become must-read reading for the Australian wealth management industry. Good luck with the next five!

December 29, 2017

Concur with other 'commenters' above - thanks ever so much Chris and Graham and everyone who has made this publication the best (in my opinion) that comes into our world each week - wow, 5 years already!! This is the only one that is never, ever canned before fully being reviewed by yours truly....
'Continued strength to all of you at Cuffelinks into 2018 and way beyond!

Philip Carman
December 25, 2017

We in the Money Business are privileged to have front-row seats, ringside at the economic "circus" and we need to help those outside the tent better understand what's happening and how it affects them -with honest, unbiased (as far as anyone can eschew bias, even if only of our beliefs) just as medicine needs to be transparent and politics needs to be open and honest, without conflicts of interest. That's if we're to live in a world where we don't need to be locked behind gates and our children hidden away in private schools and where health and welfare is determined by postcode,,, This newsletter is a step in that direction and I thank you all who have made it possible and who have contributed over those 5 years. And well done Chris for setting it up in the first place. Let's all resolve to contribute copy for the benefit of all those who deserve better from our business and to encourage more and better people to enter our business. Merry Christmas and here's to a Happy New to all those in the Money Business - and to those we affect.

Graham Hand
December 26, 2017

Hi Philip, we appreciate this wonderful feedback. Indeed, most people working in wealth management, especially senior positions, are blessed by the amount they earn 'inside the tent', and need to consider their impact on others when making decisions. GH

December 24, 2017

Great work yet again in 2017. Keep sharing high quality content and have a great break over Xmas.

December 21, 2017

'good afternoon to all "cuffelinkateers "
Best wishes for a merry christmas and happy new year.
May all your bonuses be bountiful.


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