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Welcome to Firstlinks Edition 324

  • 18 September 2019
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Disruption is an overused word but there are major trends underway which are changing retirement planning. Three experts, Michael Rice, Anthony Asher and David Knox, have described a better integrated system for retirement options. We draw out their seven trends affecting the long-term investing of Australians.

Welcome to Firstlinks Edition 323

  • 11 September 2019

Sometime in the next year, if there is no major market fall, total assets in superannuation will hit $3 trillion on the way to a forecast $10 trillion in 20 years, as shown below. Not bad for a country with GDP of about $1.9 trillion. The entire market value of all listed companies in Australia is about $2.1 trillion. While super funds obviously invest in a wide range of other asset classes, super investments will be increasingly offshore.

Welcome to Firstlinks Edition 322

  • 5 September 2019

The latest update on the Future Fund's portfolio shows an asset allocation that differs from almost everyone else, and certainly most SMSFs. The stark variations versus individual trustees are the heavier allocation to global instead of domestic equities and significant investments in private equity, alternative assets, infrastructure and timberland.

Welcome to Firstlinks Edition 321

  • 29 August 2019

More falls in cash rates and Josh Frydenberg's advice to boards to stop paying special dividends and making buy backs would mean further income reductions for investors. The Reserve Bank hopes moving from 1% to 0.5% would stimulate the economy, but what about the withdrawal of spending power from millions relying on their savings?

Welcome to Firstlinks Edition 320

  • 19 August 2019
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Most of you have never used a bond price calculator. It may sound boring but inputting a few yields into this simple calculator is highly instructive. It shows why bond funds have delivered strong returns in the last year and the possible impact of a reversal if rates rise. Let's check some prices based on the longest Australian Government bond listed. 

Welcome to Firstlinks Edition 319

A couple of weeks ago, a mate hosted his 70th birthday bash (thanks for asking, no, I am nowhere near that age). He was surrounded by his children, grandchildren and dozens of friends. As waiters brought out fine food and wine, he said the last few years had been the happiest of his life. As Paul Keating wrote in an early edition of Cuffelinks, the years from 60 to 80 should be about retirement living and lifestyle.

Welcome to Firstlinks Edition 318

Where are equity markets heading in the short term? Sorry, can't help you. Who knows what the most powerful (currently) man in the world will tweet in the middle of the night, with every bond and currency trader among his 62.8 million followers? 

Welcome to Firstlinks Edition 317

In an exclusive from Hamish Douglass, he shares 13 investment lessons he has applied in building the Magellan business. He divides the insights into four topics: finding investments, letting them work for you, temperament and risk.

Welcome to the Firstlinks Edition 316

If you knew your incoming boss thought something the business does is 'absolutely abhorrent', would you fix it before he arrived? I know I would.

Welcome to the Firstlinks Edition 315

If you want to know what financial markets absurdity looks like, check this bond priced last week: Issued by Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany); maturing 15 August 2029 (10 years); with a coupon of 0.000000% fixed (zero, zip, zilch, nada ... any way you cut it); and an issue price of 102.64 (yes, pay 102.64 now and receive 100 in 10 years).

Welcome to the Firstlinks Edition 314

Strange times indeed. Despite US and Australian equity markets near all-time highs and superannuation funds enjoying record inflows, the wealth industry is undergoing a severe overhaul. Unprecedented numbers of fund managers are not only struggling but closing their doors.

Welcome to the Firstlinks Newsletter Edition 313

Most investors enjoyed the strong sharemarket recovery in the second half of 2018/2019, with the All Ords Index up a wonderful 19.8% including dividends after a shaky December quarter.

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