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At GSFM, we believe that true quality takes time. Since 2007, we have developed a proven track record of investment success. Our mandate is to create alliances with high calibre investment managers, in Australia and overseas, that offer investment strategies not available to Australian retail and institutional investors. Today, our portfolio spans Australian equities, global equities, fixed income, alternatives and private markets.

Our specialist investment manager partners include New York-based Epoch Investment Partners, LA-based Payden & Rygel, London-based Man Group, Australia/Asia-based Tanarra Credit Partners, European-based Access Capital Partners and Australian-based managers Munro Partners, Tribeca Investment Partners and Australian Entertainment Partners. Each offers a differentiated investment strategy in their specialist asset class.

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Latest sponsor articles

Is a large Chinese renminbi devaluation coming?

The Chinese economic model needs an overhaul and a currency devaluation is one way for the country to restructure. If a devaluation happens, it will have significant ramifications for Australia and the world.

It's time small and mid-caps play catchup

In recent years, large caps returns have dwarfed those of small and mid-caps, especially in the US. 2024 could be the year that reverses as earnings growth re-accelerates for higher quality smaller companies.

Three ASX small caps set to shine in 2024

A turnaround in the fortunes of ASX small caps is overdue after a disappointing 2023. It's important to pick your spots though, and miners and building materials companies look the standouts heading into next year.

What is trend following and why do it?

Trend-following strategies have been around for a long time though they're still seemingly underappreciated. These strategies can provide diversification benefits and help protect downside risks to portfolios.

Every era has its hot stocks. Will AI defy gravity?

In finance, few phrases are potentially as wealth destructive as 'this time it’s different'. Yet, during a period when the mere mention of AI has sent valuations soaring, many are wondering if this time it really is different.

Global consumer and corporate resilience surprises everyone

Despite recession predictions, consumer activity and corporate earnings are holding up well. Global long-term interest rates probably peaked last October, and there are signs of corporate earnings re-acceleration.

Reporting season – expect early signs of downgrading

It's ASX reporting season again and a big watch will be on the impact that a softening economy has on company results and outlooks. Here's your guide for what to expect, and potential winners and losers.

Is more trouble coming for the 60/40 portfolio?

The 60/40 portfolio has performed poorly during the recent period of high inflation. With peak inflation likely behind us, here's a stock-take on the year so far and what it might imply for portfolios going forward.

Aggressive climate targets spell opportunity for investors

There is a US$50 trillion opportunity for those companies that help countries meet their net-zero emission targets over the next 30 years. Here are three key themes and a stock that will benefit from the change.

February reporting season is the calm before the storm

After investors become more realistic in terms of earnings over the next three months and earnings are rebased, the outlook for the share market is expected to be positive heading into the second half of this year.

Are we reaching peak passive investment?

Five years ago, the move towards passive investment in the US was obvious, and warranted. But there are compelling reasons to think that the next decade will be a more productive environment for active strategies.

2023: inflation, diversification, agility and an eye to recession

The RBA and interest rate markets are underestimating inflationary pressures. Combined with a government intent on increasing wages, there's a risk of entrenching higher inflation in Australia compared to elsewhere.

Compelling investment opportunities in healthcare

The biggest structural stories in healthcare will involve cell and gene therapies, and genomics. Companies that supply those developing vaccines and other therapies are where the best investment opportunities lie.

Firstlinks Interview Series - bonus eBook

A collection of interviews with financial markets experts on investing, superannuation, retirement and other topical issues, as published by Firstlinks over 2021 and 2022.

Where are the opportunities in small caps?

The decline in the small cap market this year has created opportunities in sectors such as tech, consumer discretionary and building materials. Stocks benefitting from the renewable energy push are also attractive.

Diversified opportunities in emerging market debt

Most Australian investors have little exposure to emerging markets debt, but the attractions of a widely-diversified portfolio offering higher yields can be accessed through global bond portfolios available here.

Sponsor White Papers

The power of being defensive and different

Recent years have been volatile as investors have tried to forecast the trajectory for inflation, interest rates, and global growth. Conditions are looking up for equity investors now, but material uncertainty remains.

Securitized credit: More relatable and connected to daily life than you think

Securitisations are all around our daily lives, so why do they strike most of us as a complex, financially engineered labyrinth? This paper explains why securitisations exist, what opportunities they offer, and the benefits securitised credit offers a multi-asset portfolio.

The US November 2024 Election: Implications for Investors

This paper examines the key policy implications of the Biden vs. Trump rematch, particularly regarding trade, tariffs, taxes, and energy, as well as for the Fed, industrial policy, deregulation, and defense, as well as their implications for investors.

The Capital Reinvestment Story

What is the purpose of a firm? The generally accepted answer is something along the lines of “maximize the value of the business for its owners,” which in the case of a publicly traded company is the stockholders. But what does that answer really mean in practice?

AI is the New Macro Part II: An AI Powered Productivity Boom

Part II of our series examines productivity, which has been the primary determinant of our prosperity and welfare. In turn, since at least Gutenberg, technologies like AI have been the critical driver of productivity.

AI is the New Macro: Implications for the Labor Market

Generative AI is destined to be the key driver of equity markets over the next decade or so. Part I of a four part series identifies four key areas that could be impacted – labor, productivity, sector concentration and free cash flow generation.

Eight things investors can no longer rely on

Investing is not getting any easier. Now more than ever. A host of things investors have benefitted from in recent decades is likely to turn on a multi-year view. What has not changed, is the need to deliver performance.

This is why we can’t have nice things

Of late, people are blaming a variety of economic ills on an unlikely villain: the desire of investors to earn good returns on capital. But, no industry can be expected to survive if it is not creating value for its investors.

China’s “Common Prosperity”: What Does it Mean for Investors?

In 2024 the SEC will begin delisting Chinese companies that haven’t opened up their audits to U.S. oversight. Beijing has prohibited cooperation over fears that state secrets would be leaked. As a result, equity market decoupling is destined to accelerate over the next two years.

The pandemic accelerant: turbo-charging the digital economy

New business formation has soared during the pandemic, even though it typically plummets during recessions. Similarly, we have witnessed a record number of unicorn births, especially in fintech and biotech.

Moore’s Law and the race for the rest of the chessboard

The explosion of exciting breakthroughs in AI, autonomous driving, 5G, and cloud computing will drive double-digit growth in semiconductor revenues for the foreseeable future.

Most viewed in recent weeks

Where Baby Boomer wealth will end up

By 2028, all Baby Boomers will be eligible for retirement and the Baby Boomer bubble will have all but deflated. Where will this generation's money end up, and what are the implications for the wealth management industry?

Meg on SMSFs: $3 million super tax coming whether we’re ready or not

A Senate Committee reported back last week with a majority recommendation to pass the $3 million super tax unaltered. It seems that the tax is coming, and this is what those affected should be doing now to prepare for it.

How much do you need to retire comfortably?

Two commonly asked questions are: 'How much do I need to retire' and 'How much can I afford to spend in retirement'? This is a guide to help you come up with your own numbers to suit your goals and needs.

Meg on SMSFs: Clearing up confusion on the $3 million super tax

There seems to be more confusion than clarity about the mechanics of how the new $3 million super tax is supposed to work. Here is an attempt to answer some of the questions from my previous work on the issue. 

The secrets of Australia’s Berkshire Hathaway

Washington H. Soul Pattinson is an ASX top 50 stock with one of the best investment track records this country has seen. Yet, most Australians haven’t heard of it, and the company seems to prefer it that way.

How long will you live?

We are often quoted life expectancy at birth but what matters most is how long we should live as we grow older. It is surprising how short this can be for people born last century, so make the most of it.



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